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The Product Design interviews are probably my favorite ones as they allow you to show your full potential. However, if navigated poorly they might become quite the nightmare. So much to think about in such a short amount of time.

From “Design an oven for the blind”, “How would you improve Google Maps?” or “What Amazon Prime should launch next?”, the amount of work to answer these questions correctly can be daunting… or not if you equip yourself with the right frameworks to make sure you answer your question in a structured manner.

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So you’ve decided to become a Product Manager or better you are already in the process of trying to become one. However now that your interviews are booked things are getting real and you need to prep. This can be an overwhelming process, there is so much to work on, from strategy to system design. For the past year I have helped about a dozen candidates prepare for their interviews and I have seen common themes emerge from our conversations so I am putting them in writing to hopefully help you approach the process with more peace of mind.


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I’ve loved computers as far as I can remember. When I was 10 (early 2000s) my parents got us our first desktop computer back in Morocco. The hardware was basic but it worked and very quickly I started wondering how this all worked. I started opening the guts of computers and understanding what every component was for and how to fine tune them to reach the level of performance I expected to play my favorite games (behold Age of Empires II fans!).

Fast forward to 2005, we finally got high speed unlimited internet at…

So you decided, you want to become a PM but you have no clue where to start or maybe you’re just looking for resources to help you improve at your job. You’re not alone, the Product Manager role can be overwhelming as it requires you to be proficient on so many levels: Technology, Design, Business, Psychology, Creativity, Negotiation…

But if this is the journey you’ve decided to embark on, then I assure you it is worth it and I hope that the following resources will set you up for success.

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Before diving into the details the first question you should…

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If you’re here it’s probably because you are thinking of starting your Product Management career or maybe you’re looking for resources to help you get better at your job. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout this blog I will try to give you all the tools and recommendations to set you up for success on your Product Manager (PM) journey. From interview prep tips, insights, best practices and guidance on how to keep sane in what sometimes can feel like an overwhelming job.

I am currently a Product Manager in a large tech company. I studied Business and…

Darbi Imlas

Product Manager in the tech industry. Here to help you elevate your PM career!

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