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If you’re here it’s probably because you are thinking of starting your Product Management career or maybe you’re looking for resources to help you get better at your job. Well, you’ve come to the right place.

Throughout this blog I will try to give you all the tools and recommendations to set you up for success on your Product Manager (PM) journey. From interview prep tips, insights, best practices and guidance on how to keep sane in what sometimes can feel like an overwhelming job.

I am currently a Product Manager in a large tech company. I studied Business and hold a MSc in Corporate strategy and Entrepreunership. While most of my studies revoled around strategy and business I always loved technology. At the age of 10 I started cracking open computers to understand how they work (burnt a couple of motherboards experimenting..). At the the age of 15 I launched my first website which I monetized through AdSense. I’ve always loved blending business and tech savvyness to cater to user needs and naturally found a fit in the Product Manager role. You might have a different journey but I believe that most of the best product managers I met and worked with all had a very similar trait: They are problem solvers. This the curx of the job: Identify the right users, understand their pain points and solve them.

I hope you will find the content you’re looking for in this blog as I publish more articles. I am new to this so please share your feedback or recommendations on topics you would like to see here. This is my MVP and hope you can help me make it a rocket!


Product Manager in the tech industry. Here to help you elevate your PM career!